From dancing to building
my own little online empire.
woman drinking coffee while sitting on her kitchen counter

Welcome to Moms’ Morning Coffee (MMC for short). You can call me Sandy. No, that is not my real name, nor is that beautiful mom sitting on the counter on the front page me, although not far off to be honest. I do not share my real name here for a few reasons. 

First, I have children, and some of what I am about to tell you, they will find out when I am ready to tell them, not by Googling mommy’s name and seeing what comes up.

Second, I run a few online ecommerce stores which my name is associated with, but I do not necessarily want this blog associated with. Make sense?

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

business woman dancing on a pole while balancing a business report and a coffee

I’m a mom. I run a few successful online businesses. They were not always successful. I learned a lot along the way and think I can help you in avoiding some of the mistakes I made. If nothing else, I can at least answer some common questions I know online business owners often have.

I did not start as an online business owner. In fact, I started as a dancer when I was young. I’m sure you have heard this story before. I started dancing at gentlemen’s clubs. Yes, I was a stripper. While dancing, I was propositioned many times for other services. 

Eventually, I started looking into escorting. As college debts and bills were mounting, the idea of being paid (a lot) for my time was appealing to me. I became an escort. First at an agency, and then I went off on my own.

No, an escort is not the same thing as a prostitute. Escorts are paid for their time and companionship, not for sex. Did I have sex with clients? Well, I met some very attractive and interesting men. Yes, I had sex with a few of them, but only if I chose to. Honestly, it really was not all that different than if you chose to sleep with someone after a date or a few dates knowing there was going to be no serious relationship going forward. 

I will not lie. I had a great time in my years as an escort. I got to travel all over the world. I saw so many interesting places, restaurants, clubs, business outings, sporting events, concerts… You name it, I did it.

During my time dancing and escorting, I always had my eye toward the future and building something more lasting. One of the things you will find most of the girls working in the adult industry, whether it is stripping, escorting, or working in porn, your career is a lot like that of a professional athlete. As athletes get old, their skills diminish. With girls in the adult industry, it’s our appearance. Some girls last longer than others, but a 50 year-old stripper is usually not selling out the club on a Friday night.

Also, if you want to start a family at some point, adding into that mix that mommy makes money by taking her clothes off just adds a whole bunch of additional challenges to something that is hard enough as it is.

One thing about escorting that sometimes was rough was the unknown schedule. Sure, you could set hours when you would be available, but those times did not always book up. I was more fortunate than some and generally had a pretty full schedule, but there were still times that I was not working during what were supposed to be my “working” hours.

woman's legs wearing dark Pantyhose and black high heels

That frustration led me to camming. I did not make as much per hour most of the time camming, although some days I made much more, but being a cam girl gave me complete control over my schedule. If I wanted to work M-F from 4 p.m. to midnight, I could do it.

But what camming really did for me was it opened up my eyes to the world of running a business online. I started looking for ways to promote myself and learned about social media marketing and SEO. I learned how to build a website and start an email marketing list. 

Frankly, I got pretty good at it. One day it dawned on me that I could use these skills I had taught myself for other things. I started diving into the world of affiliate marketing, and then I set up my first ecommerce store. I was in love. 

There is a lot more to the story along the way. Plenty of bumps and bruises. I hope to talk about some of them here, but mostly I want to share my experience and in what I have learned about creating an ecommerce business as well as perhaps share some thoughts and ideas for those who are still or thinking about working in the adult industry. I have mad respect for those ladies.

Oh, and why Moms’ Morning Coffee? 

Well, part of my routine as a mompreneur (love that word) is I sit down each morning with my coffee and look at what the day has in store for me. What do I need to get done? What tasks do I need to prioritize? What challenges do I foresee? 

This mom’s morning coffee is how she starts the workday. I hope you will join me.