Team Hope Inspires Hope

Normally, today’s space would be filled with the fun and creative musings from our regular “Barista”, Kelly D’Ambrosio.  Her real job, however, (as anchor for the daily, local morning show “Good Day” on WFXL) has kept her hoppin’ lately covering some extra special stories.  We’re sharing a particularly inspiring piece she’s done recently with you today… […]

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Hearty Fall Soup Recipes

The cooler temperatures have me hankerin’ for a steamy bowl of yummy soup. How ’bout you? So often though my struggle is finding something new that everyone likes (especially with a hubby who’s not a huge soup fan), but I think I hit the jackpot when I found these recipes.

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9 Tips for Making Your Move Less Stressful

Moving is stressful. There’s just no way around it. Some things are just par for the course and we have absolutely no control over them (like the ever-shifting closing dates and the never-ending “one more thing” paper work requirements), but there are steps we can take that will help ensure a less chaotic move. With […]

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6 Tips for Getting the Ultimate Child Photo

Photography can be so rewarding, especially when the shoot is challenging. Lights, angles, and composition all go into a great photo, but throw a kid into the mix and things sometimes come off as a bit more challenging. While trying to get the perfect picture, you also have to battle a little one who wants to do their […]

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